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University of Zurich, Institute of Education, Zurich

Position: Ph.D. Position

Workload: 60%

Description of UZH unit

The Education and Work Research Unit is focused on the analysis of changing forms of work, the training opportunities offered by private and public employers and the governance of continuing vocational education and training.
The Ph.D. position is associated with the project “Education and the European Digital Agenda: Switzerland, Germany and Sweden after 1970” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and located at the Education and Work Research Unit. The project is concerned with how the challenge of new information and communications technologies has been met in Europe during the first decades after the microchip began restructuring businesses, administration and daily life.


The Ph.D. student will research the various government initiatives in Sweden or Switzerland between 1970 and 2000. European-level and transnational developments will be studied cooperatively by the two researchers in the project and the research leader. The individual archival research will result in a dissertation, published as a monograph. There will also be collaborative articles published in renowned journals for educational research and history.


The candidate should have:

– a master’s degree in education or history,
– knowledge of the European history of education and
– excellent academic writing skills.

Language requirements

Most of the internal communication and research will be in English. The candidate should also have, as a minimum requirement, very good reading skills either in Swedish or in French and German.

Computer skills: Basic knowledge of database management

Special requirements

In addition to the usual application documents in English or German, the candidate is asked to send a short draft proposal (1-2 pages) for his or her Ph.D. project in the context of the funded SNSF project “Education and the European Digital Agenda”:

We offer:

The Education and Work Research Unit offers an interdisciplinary, highly engaged and family-friendly working environment. The Ph.D. position is funded for four years. The salary will be in the range recommended by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The project lies within the area of interest of an international network of researchers in the European history of education. The network is represented by an international reference group that includes leading experts from this field of research, especially from Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

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This position opens on: April 1, 2019

More information: Dr. Michael Geiss, hc.hz1553155050u.efi1553155050@ssie1553155050gm1553155050


If you are interested, please send your application via email to: hc.hz1553155050u.efi1553155050@ssie1553155050gm1553155050

Application accepted until: November 30, 2018

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