Working Group History of Education

The working group Historical Educational Researchbelongs to the Swiss Society for Educational Research(SGBF / SSRE).

The working group is constituted as an association since the general assembly 2014. The members of the working group elect a board which coordinates all activities.
The aims of the working group are to foster historical research on national as well as international level, and to promote results to a broad public.

The statutes of the group can be foundhere: AGHB_SGBF_Statuten


Dr. Ingrid Brühwiler

Prof. Dr. Patrick Bühler

Prof. Dr. Lucien Criblez

Prof. Dr. Claudia Crotti

Dr. Nathalie Dahn-Singh

Dr. Nadine Fink

Dr. Alexandre Fontaine

Prof. Dr. Norbert Grube

Dr. Marianne Helfenberger

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffmann-Ocon

Dr. Michèle Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Rita Hofstetter

Prof. Dr. Karin Manz (Präsidentin)

Dr. Giorgia Masoni

Dr. Damiano Matasci

Dr. Danièle Périsset

Dr. Christina Rothen

Dr. Thomas Ruoss

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sahlfeld

Dr. Martin Viehhauser

Dr. Andrea De Vincenti